Originated as a small mining camp in the early eighteenth century and imbedded at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range, Pirenópolis currently encompasses one of the richest collections of historical endowments of the Midwest, registered by the National Cultural Heritage in 1989.

The town was a flourishing urban center by the end of the nineteenth century, subsequently experiencing a period of stability and isolation, and remained unaffected by changes of the twentieth century; the former Mines of Our Lady of the Rosary of Meya Bridge remained almost intact, retaining its original features. The town remains lively, lit by the creativity that has always characterized its strong attachment to its values, traditions and cultural events.

Pirenópolis unites two strands that result in a strong culture, its intact heritage and the day-to-day thinking and doing of its residents, based on secular traditions that have remained unshaken by contemporary life.

Pirenópolis lives on as evidence of the early occupation of the territory of Goias. The small village aspect of the first decades of the nineteenth century, when the city was at its peak of prosperity and culture, has remained, resulting in an asset of priceless historical value for both the state of Goias and for Brazil.

The “Arraial” was created in 1727, elevated to village in l832, and elevated to the rank of city in l853. The name of Pirenópolis (1890) means city of the Pyrenees.

Pirenópolis, 150 km away from Brasilia and 120 kilometers from Goiânia, has a large and diverse network of hotels, inns, campsites and restaurants serving good regional and international food. In its narrow streets and hills there are places that offer varied and authentic craftsmanship. The visitor will find vigorous and unique natural life, protected by wildlife sanctuaries and enriched by rivers and waterfalls of rare beauty; and in every home, street and plaza the warmth of a hospitable and friendly people.

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